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    Template and Inheritance

    Hi everyone
    I have major problems with my code and need help with the way I am writing my template inheritance class for LinkList (base class) and Stack (inheriting LinkList) and Queue(inheriting LinkList) I am getting a complier error in both Stack class and Queue class that I don't what it means
    What does this error mean ?
    " ambiguous call to overloaded function while compiling class-template member function"
    This error is on the constructor of the Queue class (same error for Stack too )

    Any one has references for template inheritance ? I am lost in the syntax codes.


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    Somewhere your compiler can't resolve which function to call. This will happen if you have two methods like this:

    int func(int a, int b = 0);
    int func(int c);

    if you where to call func(5) for example, you will get this error.

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    c++ has complicated rules for resolving overloaded functions
    such as

    void f(int n);
    void f(double n);


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    >This error is on the constructor of the Queue class (same error for Stack too )
    Could you post some code? It's just a tad easier to find the problem when we have source to look at.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    here is the code:::

    class List
    struct LinkListElement{
    int key;
    int payLoad;
    LinkListElement *p;
    int length;
    LinkListElement *head;

    List(int size = 20)
    head = new LinkListElement;
    length = size > 0 ? size: 20;
    head->key = 0;
    head-> payLoad = NULL;
    // some other pop and push stuff

    ----------- Definition for Stack----------
    class Stack : private List
    int top;

    Stack() { } // apparantly this is a problem, because when i try to
    // instantiate the object of class Stack, I get errors

    // some other junk here

    -thanks alog

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