Thread: Suggestions on IDE????

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    Suggestions on IDE????

    I would like to have you opininions on choosing my IDE. I can't afford "The great ones" like Builder and Visual C++ booth in price and in size of possible download
    And I need an IDE. I would like it to have code completition, syntax highlighting and be able to link by itself.
    To be short all the goodies you need
    So I would ask for your opinions on this one...
    Any help would be appreciated!
    Thanks in advance !!!

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    How about RHIDE with DJGPP compiler.. It is completely free and just grat... But if you ready for cracked versions of Builder and VC++ even .net. I can provide you with the links...

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    My problem is that I have 56k and that I pay for amount of downloaded data
    So I'm open for suggestions !!!
    I'll try RHIDE thingy but I don't like that it doesn't have compiler
    But I'l try to get it to work ...
    Thanks !!!

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    Dev-C++ with the MinGW compiler. It's probably the closest thing you're going to get to what you want. Might want to stick to version 4 though. The beta5 still has a lot of bugs to be worked out.
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    find a computer fair at a local school or similar venue. they often have the best products for...cough...cough...copied..cough the best prices

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    For a free editor, try conTEXT . It can recognize a variety of programming languages and highlight keywords, indent, number lines, etc. Doesn't compile, though.
    A lot of people like TextPad, I've never tried it, though. I've read you can compile from TextPad if you have a compiler already, or something like that.
    Also, if you're a student, look at getting the Academic license, on MSVC anyway. Much cheaper price, just can't sell your programs ("educational purposes only"). Other companies may have the same deal.
    Several textbooks come with a learning edition, won't make a release .exe build, but most of the rest is the same.
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    emacs is a good choice, if you're willing to spend an afternoon learning how to use it. it colors code, shows what '{' your completing, and best of all, it indents two spaces with a simple tab anywhere on the line. ending '}' are automatically indented, too.
    you can use a compiler with it, although that feature is little more than a cli(command line interface) prompt asking for the right command with a box that shows the compiler's output.

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