Thread: Yeah Baby!!!!!!!!!

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    Talking Yeah Baby!!!!!!!!!

    I FINALLY was able to compile something!!!!!!

    Look out C++ world! Here I come! WHOOHOO!!
    "A computer is this amazingly fast.....but stupid machine." - C++ for dummies

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    i remember the joy of the first compiling (djgpp, included in the book i was reading), after using many third-rate products.
    then i remembered the letdown of knowing what i can do divided by what is possible in the language... probably around 5%.

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    Haha... I remember to... And the frustration over the darn header files when trying to splitt my work into more files... those where the good old days...

    Nowadays I do not think when I write code. My mind is elsewhere. I do not get happy when it works, I do not get frustrated when it don't. I code, therefor I am.

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