Hi, i am having to work on a project for my computer science class in high school, and we are using a borland 5.5 IDE called pcGRASP. the graphics package that comes with it is cmuplus 1.2 the company that makes it is carnegee mellon (or soemthing..sorry i don't really rememebr the name righ this second) anyhow, where my problem lies is that i am having to import some pictures i made with paint. becasue i can only import JPG with cmuplus, i change them from bitmap to JPG. there is one problem. THEY LOOK BAD IN THE PROGRAM!!! i am in desperate need of the transparent backgrounds offered by either .GIF or .PNG. i have looked all over and can't find anywhere that tells me how i can go about correcting this. does anyone have like a HEADER FILE that they have made or can make that allows me to import either .GIF or .PNG i don't have time to sit down and learn visual c++ (i will learn it later, so i need to stick with pcGRASP) i really need to fix this so i can get the transparency in the pictures. i also looked for a new graphics package, but wasn't able to find one, though i don't know anywhere really well to look. if u could please help me, i would appreciate it GREATLY!!!! if you have any questions or advice, please email me at bilgates@elp.rr.com THANKS ALOT