Thread: Getting Started - Programming C++

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    Getting Started - Programming C++

    Ive noticed, alot of people, asking how to get started on C++, and dont know where to get started etc. So I made a youtube video tutorial, on how to get started and what each line of code does.

    C++ Tutorial 1 - Hello World - YouTube

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    That was awful, and you should feel awful.

    How do we keep getting this crap!?


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    ? It tells you the function of each line of code, and what to write...
    And how to make a simple program? In my eyes, thats what its supposed to do.

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    Video is an awful waste of bandwidth - 20MB to convey what could be conveyed in a couple of KB of text, and you can't even copy/paste from the tutorial to try it for yourself.
    You have to go for the high res large files, because the text is just a fuzzy mess on the low res 5MB files.

    Also, your terminology is all wrong - Bracket - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    ( ) these are parentheses
    { } these are braces
    [ ] these are brackets
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