Thread: .csv vs .txt files

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    .csv vs .txt files

    Ok so I recently finished my project using .txt files and I am now moving on to .csv files.
    I'm aware .csv (which stand for comma separated files) are defined as :
    >This is a special file extension commonly used by MS Excel. Basically this is also a plain text file but with a limitation of comma separated values. Normally when you double click this type of file it will open in MS Excel.

    I guess .csv are pretty much .txt files but I'm now wondering if I can actually manipulate .csv within notepad. I mean, edit them within notepad and save them with .csv extention.

    Any input is welcome, thank you

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    I don't know why you need this, but yes, you can edit it with notepad.

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    I guess .csv are pretty much .txt files
    A csv file is not "pretty much" .txt files, they are text files. Remember the extension is only a hint to the operating system and user as to the content of the file. You can name your files almost anything with almost any extension. You can, if you so desire, create your CSV file with a .txt, .dat, .csv or almost anything else you want.


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