Thread: Output of dumpbin export to see functions of a DLL

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    Output of dumpbin export to see functions of a DLL


    From the console of VCE I have run dumpbin export as

    dumpbin /export myDLL.dll

    in order to see which functions is the dll providing. I got as an output:

    ordinal hint RVA name
    1 0 00024B0 _Function1@4
    2 1 00024E0 _Function2@0

    I think RVA means Relative Virtual Address, but can anybody tell me what does the @4 or the @0 (or @16) means?

    I have been told that
    BTW the @# notation is a c-style function naming convention where the number is the size of the parameters accepted by the function. 4 might be an integer or a pointer on a 32-bit system.

    If this is the case, I am guessing a @12 might mean three integers and @16 four integers?

    Does anyone have a pointer to a place explaining the output of dumpbin?

    Help greatly appreciated


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    I understood (informally) that the @n just meant the number of bytes passed as parameters, since there is no type information to provide any other clues.

    Try say
    void foo ( int a, int b );
    void bar ( double d );

    Both should be @8 AFAIK

    Also Description of the DUMPBIN utility
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