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    Container adaptors

    I have this problem form a book C++ primer
    *Use a stack to process parenthesized expressions. When
    you see an open parenthesis, note that it was seen. When you see a close
    parenthesis after an open parenthesis, pop elements down to and including
    the open parenthesis off the stack. push a value onto the stack to
    indicate that a parenthesized expression was replaced.
    , Now I dont have a idea what to do? should I remove the parenthesiszed elements? than How would I do that? if the parentheses come after some time, than I cant pop it because stacks pops the first element. or should I pop all the elements upto the first parentheses is found? and should I use a string as an underlying container>??

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    I would suggest you work through 2 * ( 3 + 4 ), by writing each symbol on a piece of paper, and stacking said pieces of paper in a stack (as described).

    So when you see the ")" piece of paper, you can then look at your stack of paper (with the "4" on top of it), and then follow the instructions.
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    Owh.. I get it.. thanks..

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