Thread: any information on GUI's will help

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    Talking any information on GUI's will help

    hi sorry to bother people,
    i am attempting to produce a small GUI, using the compiler 'g++'.
    But i have no idea where to start, i have been directed to developers kit like GTK, however i was wondering if anyone knows if 'g++' has its own GUI developers kit or not ( i believe it should have some libarys that would help with GUI design). I have asked lectureres and they have said that i cannot use libarys that are not present in g++ (for my coursework). Does any know what libarys to aid GUI design are present within g++, or have any documentation that could help me at all.
    Thanks for ur time

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    GCC (the GNU compiler collection including g++) doesn't have any GUI libraries of it's own. Unfortunately, GUI development is largely platform dependent. There are a few cross-platform libraries but they're not included with GCC. GTK or QT are probably your best options for GUI development. My guess is that your professors don't want you to use them because building the programs would require the prof to have the same libraries.
    Sorry, but it looks like your stuck with text interface.

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