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    Question Aggregation

    I dont understand why cDept did not destroy pTeacher?

    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    class Teacher
        string m_strName;
        Teacher(string strName)
            : m_strName(strName)
        string GetName() { return m_strName; }
    class Department
        Teacher *m_pcTeacher; // This dept holds only one teacher
        Department(Teacher *pcTeacher=NULL)
            : m_pcTeacher(pcTeacher)
    int main()
        // Create a teacher outside the scope of the Department
        Teacher *pTeacher = new Teacher("Bob"); // create a teacher
            // Create a department and use the constructor parameter to pass
            // the teacher to it.
            Department cDept(pTeacher);
        } // cDept goes out of scope here and is destroyed
        // pTeacher still exists here because cDept did not destroy it
        delete pTeacher;

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4c0
    I dont understand why cDept did not destroy pTeacher?
    It destroyed m_pcTeacher, but it did not destroy was the object that m_pcTeacher pointed to. If you did want that Teacher object to be destroyed, then you should write a destructor, and also write (or disable) the copy constructor and copy assignment operator, or simply store an object or smart pointer instead of that pointer. Of course, in such a case the code in main would need to change.
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