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    Help with Parallel Port

    Anybody know how to send and recieve a byte from the parallel port with Borland 5.5. outportb and inportb are not recognized funtcions and don't know any other way.

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    you might have the functions read and write available on your implementation-they are defined in unistd.h, I think. Read returns a value of ssize_t, which is the amount read. It accepts an int file descriptor, a pointer to the buffer to write to, and the amount you plan on reading, of type size_t. Write is exactly the same. I think they both return -1 if an error occurs, and of course, there are myriads of erronos.
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    If outportb and inportb don't work, try outp and inp.

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    outp and inp don't work either. Tried them already.

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