Thread: Why is my program running away?

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    Why is my program running away?

    Hi.. I'm new, so be nice

    I have 2 problems that have been giving me nightmares and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help.

    #1: I installed CYGWIN on my laptop and it seems to work ok but I can't figure out a way to RUN the program. I have tried *Everything* I can think of but it doesn't want to run... Please, help?

    #2: To kinda solve #1 I went out an bought Borland 5.02 Starter Kit because I thought it be easier.. Well that one works good up until I want to run the program then the black msdos window flashes on my screen. I cannot read the output and this is very very bad. (Midterm Friday.. Uh-oh) It's like my computer is too fast for it's own good. (See, program running away.... *sniff* Nobody likes me.)

    Will some kind soul please help me? I will be forever in your debt if you can solve my dilemas... Thanks so Much!

    ~Lynnzee *Meow*

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    Put a 'cin >> variable' or something at the end of your program so it isn't exited until you have read the output.
    // Gliptic

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    (I know this method is old-fasioned, but this way works the best or me). If you want to just pause the program untill the user enters a key without having to declare another variable ect, just place the follwing code at the very end of your program. But make sure you include stdio.h


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    With borland compiler (and many other) I think
    getch();  // reads one keyhit from keyboards
    is the best solution.
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    I had a similar problem

    When I ran my source with Dev-C++ I was suppose to be able to name the executable but it didn't let me do that. It would just run (tell me I had 0 errors) and flash the MSDOS window and go away. It did save an executable with the same name as my source in the same folder though. So I just opened MSDOS and ran the executable from there. It wont work if I just double click on the icon.

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