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    Printing via word

    I have a program which connects to a database for a company, and it needs to be able to print invoices etc. I would like to be able to design the template for the invoices and other documents it will produce in MS word, and have the program add the data from the database to the document, and then print it. I've seen programs that use word in this way before, and it might also allow the user to modify the template easily themselves without inventing my own word processor. It doesnt have to be word, but if not it needs to be free software to distribute with my app.

    The alternative is designing all my documents using GDI code, which would be very time consuming and impossible to edit by the user.

    Any advice is appreciated.

    EDIT:--Can an admin / moderator please move this thread to the windows forum, I posted in the wrong place, sorry .
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