Thread: is there an easier or another way to insert things from a txt file

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    is there an easier or another way to insert things from a txt file

    ok i have text file it has something like this

    item1 5.00 7 no
    item2 6.00 9 yes
    item3 6.00 8 no
    item4 5.00 7 no

    and the list goes on

    so i have a struct
    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    const int CAPACITY=15
    struct Database
              string item;
              double cost;
              int amount;
              string availability;
     Database list[CAPACITY];
    void Get_Info(){
    string filename;
        cout << "Enter the filename.txt ";
        cin >> filename;
        ifstream in;;
    for (int i= 0; i < CAPACITY; index++)
                string item;
                double cost;
                int amount;
                string availability;
                getline(in, list[i].item);
                item = list[i].number;
                in >> list[i].number;
                cost = list[i].cost;
                in >> list[i].cost;
                amount= list[i].amount;
                in >> list[i].amount;
                availability= list[i].availability;
                in >> list[i].availability;
    int main(){
    my code worked on a previous assignment but can someone explain to me what getline is doing is it getting the 1st item which is a string so i have to call getline and is there a simpler or easier way

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    Well if the first line of your file is
    item1 5.00 7 no

    Then your first call to getline() is going to put all of that into the first list[i].item string.

    If all your items are single words, like "apples", "pears" etc, then simple >> operators will work just fine.

    But if you have complicated lines like
    Seedless Grapes 5.00 7 no
    then you pretty much have to use getline to read the whole line into a string, then try and pick the data out of it using whatever string operators you can.
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    You could potentially use a sign, such as ";" to denote the end of your line, and tell it to read until it reaches that sign, to get the full name no matter how long or complex it is, then it's all simple, a float an int and a single word.

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