Thread: bubble sort in assembly language!!!!!!

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    bubble sort in assembly language!!!!!!

    Perform a bubblesort in assembly language. At the start of the program, using C/C++ output functions, output a program identifier that includes your name to the screen. (Example: "Bubblesort Program by Jon Lovegren".) Using an assembly language LOOP and C/C++ I/O, create appropriate user prompts and input 10 numbers from the keyboard into an array variable numbers_abc (where abc = your initials). Using the same algorithm you used in the first program, build the bubblesort routine in assembly language and sort the numbers in ascending order. Put the sorted numbers into an array sorted_abc (where abc = your initials). Using an assembly language LOOP and C/C++ I/O, display the both the original unsorted numbers and sorted numbers. Identify each set of numbers and put each set on a single line separated by commas, as shown below.

    Unsorted Array: 192, 8236, 10, 7, 456, 99, 1, 17, 213, 99

    Sorted Array: 1, 7, 10, 17, 99, 99, 192, 213, 456, 8236

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    is this a homework assignment?
    this kind of thing can be found all over the net. try the ai site link from the front page, and follow it to a sorting link.

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