Thread: Need help !! Super new to c++ programming..

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    Need help !! Super new to c++ programming..

    hi to all forumers...i really need is my second time entering numerical computer(computer programming) class...our first class was something related to HelloWorld...before this, i never learn anything involved about programming(c++)...for the second class, our lecturer give us this assignment...i really dont have any idea how to start and i'm totally dont understand how the system works...guys, help me please !!! i need to send this assignment 4 days from now...

    Purpose: To write a code in C++ that includes a mathematical formula, i.e., the compound interest rate
    formulas, to process a given set of input data.
    Case study:
    Consider the following scenarios:
    Pretend that you have graduated from USM and are just starting on your first job with a good salary.
    You plan to buy a car, and you have TWO options:
    Option 1. Buy a new 2012 model Honda City. The price is RM 83,573.00. You take a 90% hirepurchase loan for 9 years (108 months) at the annual interest rate of 2.4%.
    Option 2. Instead of buying a new car, buy a second hand 2007 model Perodua MyVi for RM
    28,000.00. You also take a 90% hire-purchase loan for 9 years but at the annual interest rate of 3%.
    However, you take the difference between the current monthly installment for Honda City and the one
    for MyVi and invest every month in the unit trust fund ASW2020 which offers an average of 6.5 %
    annual dividend.
    Write a C++ program as a Console Application to include the calculations for the above scenarios so
    that it can tell you how much money you would have saved after your 9-year loan period if you
    proceed with Option 2. The program should do the following.
    1. Calculate the monthly payments for Honda City and MyVi.
    2. Calculate the total interest amounts for the City and the MyVi.
    3. Calculate the amount of your investment after the 9-year period if you follow Option 2.
    4. Print out those calculations and other values that you find interesting to the screen.

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    I'm sure you've already tried to attempt this program - please show us what you have tried, and be sure to use code tags, as well as ask specific questions.

    FYI: We do have a homework policy here, that you should definitely read.

    Pretend that you have graduated from USM and are just starting on your first job with a good salary.
    If you can't come up with anything, then you have to pretend really hard.

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    Welcome to the forum, but you're in the wrong section - this is the C - not the C++ - board on this site.

    Click on the red "General Programming Boards" at the top of this page, and then select the C++ board (one up).

    And be prepared to show some work - this is not a "code request" site. We help you with YOUR code, we don't do it for you, by request.

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    thx for replying guys...i dont mind u dont give the code here..well, if i was u, i might do the same thing...actually, i kinda a little bit annoyed with our lecturer ...he leave us without giving any guidelines on how to use the software, what to do, etc...somemore, i never learn this things before until i enter the first class(only do the helloworld tutorial...all ppl do this i think)...he asks us to explore all ourself...btw, we are using codeblocks...could u guys suggest to me any basic tutorial so that i will be more understand how to use the program, how the program works, what i'm doing actually, etc...

    any help from u guys will be very much appreciated ...

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