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    Question Multidimensional array question

    Hi everyone. I have a hopefully quick question.
    I have a multidimensional array that runs parallel with a string array

    Lincoln 120 300 400
    Parks 100 500 250
    Shakespeare 0 30 50
    Ghandi 250 100 40
    Ashe 300 50 175
    Rodriguez 87 118 320
    Curie 284 0 112

    I need to sort this and I know how to do it. But I need to sort it again with the
    highest value in the first row and keep all information in that row paired with the
    name . So
    Lincoln 120 300 400
    Parks 100 500 250

    Parks 100 500 250
    Lincoln 120 300 400

    I need so swap this whole rows. I'm using dynamic array. So my question is
    Do I have to do a bunch of temps to move them? Or is there a way to move the
    whole int array row as a single unit?

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    Well, an array is nothing more than a chunk of memory in the virtual memory of your machine.

    You can't really 'move' it, you'd have to copy it (use temps). If you foresee yourself doing this
    operation often, then I'd recommend you explore other options such as a linked list or a vector
    in STL.

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    You can use std::vector, which has an efficient swap member function.

    Also, in general for swapping you should use std::swap. In C++11, it can be faster than what you would write using temporaries.
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    How exactly are you representing these rows? Are you willing to use standard containers instead of (multidimensional) arrays?
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