Thread: getline function does not seem to activate

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    Question getline function does not seem to activate

    As a complete beginner, I have just started working through "Jumping into C++". I am at the section on appending strings. The tutorial mentions the getline function but I can not seem to get it to activate. There is no mention of any other inclusions.
    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
        string user_first_name;
        string user_surname;
        string title;
        string address;
        double x = 0;
        double y = 0;
        double z = 0;
        cout << "Before we start, why not tell me your  first name : ";
        cin >> user_first_name;
        cout << "Ok, for the sake of formalities, what is your surname? : ";
        cin >> user_surname;
        cout << "And is that Mr, Mrs or Ms? : ";
        cin >> title;
        string user_full_name = title + " " + user_first_name + " " + user_surname;
        cout << "And what is your street address? : ";
        getline ( cin, address );
        cout << "Hi " << user_first_name << " nice to meet you.\n";
    I note that the getline function color remains black while other functions are green. I presume this means that Codeblocks has not associated it with any of the listed header files. Has the tutorial omitted this detail?

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    No, you're fine. getline is defined in <string>.
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    The compiler does not report any errors when I build however when run, the program skips from the results of line 24 to line 26. No user input for line 25 occurs.

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    That is because the newline is left in the input buffer after your previous cin >> title;

    One solution is to get rid of that newline with cin.ignore. Another option is to read line by line with getline, then parse the string, e.g., using a stringstream.
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    You need to use ignore() when you switch from cin >> to getline, since they have different ideas as to what is a delimiter.

    using namespace std;
    int main()
      int a;
      string b;
      cin >> a;
      cout << "a=" << a << endl;
      cout << "b=" << b << endl;
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