Thread: Anyone know what this means?

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    Question Anyone know what this means?

    i found this encryption code online but i'm not as advanced as the code is so can someone explain to me what is going on in this section. i have included the part of the code i didn't understand.


    void decrypt(char *daf)//the decrypting function
    int decr; //the main int
    char x; //the input char

    ifstream in; //input stream
    ofstream out; //output stream;//open the inout stream
    {//see if it's not there
    cout<<"Error couldn't open the IN file\n";//print
    cout<<"Press \"m\" to return to main menu";
    }//END OF IF

    cout<<"Enter the OUT file name: ";//ask for the out filename
    cin>>daf;//get it;//open the outfile
    in.get(x);//get the input char

    if( in.eof() )//IF READING END OF FILE
    }//END OF IF

    {//while x is not beyond end of file
    decr=x+0xFACA;//the dectypring
    in.get(x);//get the next char

    if(in.eof())//if read beyong the eon of file


    i don't understand what the line decr=x+0xFACA means. when i typed the 0xFACA into my program it turned into a special font. not the font of a reserved word, just a different font from the other text. the encryption function is the same as the above line except it says x-0xFACA. any help would be appreciated.

    thanks all

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    1. Use the code tags when posting everyone says around's very hard to read code when it's not code, just a bunch of letters*not all of that, but use the friggin' code tags*

    2. The little 0xfca or whatever is a charecter identifier in hexidemal. Don't bother typing that in......

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