Thread: problem with stds::transform

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    problem with stds::transform

    Hello all, I have the following line in my code:

    std::transform(CheckString.begin(), CheckString.end(), CheckString.begin(), char_toupper); // make path all caps

    And Borland gives me this error:
    Error E2285 checkowner.cpp 52: Could not find a match for 'std::transform<InputIterator,OutputIterator,Unary Operation>(char *,char *,char *,undefined)' in function checkRights(string)

    It seems to be somehow "missing" one of the parameters I pass it!

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    i can't see too much from this but it seams like char_toupper was declared prior but was not initialized ....(defined) or you haven't assigned any value to it...


    i guess more code is needed.....mistake is probably in declaration or definition somewhere prior.....

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