Thread: socks, etc class libs for gnu c++ (freebsd)

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    Question socks, etc class libs for gnu c++ (freebsd)

    I'm not a newbie, used to do alot of programming in C,
    C++ 5-6 years ago, but over the time my skills got
    rusty. I'm trying to refresh, writing some small

    I used to program mostly in windows environment, but
    now am trying in freebsd unix. gnu c++ is perhaps most
    commonly used compiler with unix, however I'm not
    quite familiar with all the libraries it has and
    probably first should ask whether it already has some
    classes I need. Otherwise I will need 3rd party classlibs.
    As a last resort will write them myself

    Now, what I'm looking for. First of all, socks to
    perform communication using IRC and HTTP protocols
    from within the application. It's a simple app, more
    like info bot to run on irc. HTTP to be used to grab
    pages off certain sites, parse raw HTTP code and store
    some of it. Basically to automate stuff I do manually - cut
    from web, paste to IRC.

    Also looking for classlibs if any available, to do INI
    style text file parsing for configuration etc.

    Will appreciate any help or advice where to look for.


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    I think what you're going to need is "BSD sockets", you can do a search for it on google and whatnot.. a quick search yeilded for me. Other then that, I don't know; but this question would probably serve its course better placed on the Linux board.

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    Thanks Dual-Catfish,

    Yes, I knows raw sockets and how to do that with conventional C, the link you posted is good with samples.

    I'm really looking for that stuff arranged in C++ classes


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