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    user-defined String class

    Hi all
    I am having trouble writing a function in my string class that i have defined myself.
    The definition of the method should be this:
    my_string &erase(int starting_pos = 0, int ending_pos = size() );
    that should erase the characters from the string starting at start_pos through the position ending_pos. returns the resultant string for cascading.

    -thanks for help

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    strcpy(str+starting_pos, str+ending_pos+1);

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    I have used this function, but it is not suffices the requirements. I have to::
    1) copy the starting part to the new string.
    2) copy the ending part to the new string.
    3) delete the old string array
    4) assign the new array
    5) return the reference

    Also, how do you dynamically allocate a SIZE into an array of char, if you don't want to say ::
    char array[256];

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