Thread: Change one element of string pointed by char pointer

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    1-I really did not understand, otherwise no need to ask you to rephrase.

    2-Much better now. I am going to upload this too.

    3-Well, as you can see in the link in my previous post, I gave them to you, but if you do not like this, I can remove it.

    4-I am not saying that my posts are perfectly stated, so it's ok to be rephrased. The paradigms where there to demonstrate what you can and can not do. I know enough people that would try to do what you can't do. So, I write this code, in order to "prove" that you can't do them

    Anyway, thanks for being pedantic
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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteflags View Post
    A string literal is actually "This" or "this" -- objects of type char[5] -- the data proper
    My turn to rephrase! "The string literal is of type const char[5]". The reason it works for an array is just because even if the syntax is similar it means something completely different. One is
    //char* p = "hey";
    const char temp[] = {'h','e','y','/0'};
    char* p = temp; //should really be const char*
    the other
    //char a[] = "hey";
    char a[] = {'h','e','y','\0'};

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