Thread: merge sort using command line...!!!

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    merge sort using command line...!!!

    can anyone help me...

    1. Write a program to implement merge sort.

    Your program should take as input as input size (range 1-20, it has to be first command line argument always) and the entire sequence of numbers (only 2-bit integers, range 10-99) which are to be sorted and program should output sorted sequence as output, each number separated by a space character with no newline characters, as shown in Sample Run.

    Sample Run:
    It assumes that your program is compiled into megeSort.out executable and takes input.txt file as input and output.txt file as output.

    ./mergeSort.out 5 45 12 56 98 23 # first command line argument is input size
    12 23 45 56 98

    this is the main problem..i have to submit my assignment but i don't have deep knowledge about command line
    plz plz plz help me!

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