Thread: Problems w.r.t Virtual Base Class (inheritance)

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    Question Problems w.r.t Virtual Base Class (inheritance)

    This is a problem I have encountered when inheriting a virtual base class without having default arguments.

    X (base class)

    Y( virtual base class, derived from X)

    A(derived class, derived from Y)

    I have made provision in class Y to pass values to the constructor of X but when I try to create an object of class A, it get the following error message

    Error Message:
    D:\My Projects\SampleProj\Cpp2.cpp(31) : error C2512: 'X::X' : no appropriate default constructor available
    Error executing cl.exe.

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;

    class X
    int i;

    X(int p){ i = p; }
    void show() { cout << "show:the value of i is " << i << endl; }

    class Y : virtual public X

    Y(int y) : X(y)
    cout << "In y" << endl;

    class A: public Y


    A(): Y(10)
    cout << "In A" << endl;

    int main()
    A a1;;
    return 0;


    Is there any specific reason for this behaviour. If you can answer this question, would be of great help.


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    Try adding a constructor to X:
    { }

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