Thread: Help me! problem in reading and accepting Fullname

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    Question Help me! problem in reading and accepting Fullname

    So im having trouble, im just a beginner programmer and still learning. Im having trouble in reading my full name in just a single variable and some kind of authentication. this is my code by the way.

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void)
          char NAME_MINE1[40];
    void clrscr();
           printf("Enter Full name: ");
           if(NAME_MINE1=="Qwerty You Tube")
                go to Phase2;

    What im trying to do is:

    if i enter my full name i will be able to go on to the next statement/command but when i put on some name (which is not mine) i will automatically get an error and exit the program.

    If i type "Qwerty You Tube" EXACTLY and not just the first string before the whitespace i will be able to proceed but when i enter "Qwerty Tube You" or "Qazse Qop Queen" i will get an error and the program will exit.

    am i doing something wrong or what ? Is what i want even possible ? im so confused right now im seaching for answers for hours! and to no avail ( Please help me ((((((

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