Thread: Pair as a member of a class

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    Pair as a member of a class

    Hey there,
    I am using Eclipse CDT on Linux (Ubuntu) and encountering a strange error.

    This is my C++ header file:
    class A {
        A(int x, int y, bool direction);
        virtual ~A();
        pair <int, int> m_pair_int;
        bool m_direction;
    The implementation of the ctor and dtor is done at the cpp file and irrelevant in this post.

    When compiling this code, I get the following error messages:
    expected `;` before `<` token
    ISO C++ forbids declaration of `pair` with no type
    all these errors are pointing to the line where `pair <int, int> m_pair_int;` is.

    Thanks in advance

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    Did you include the proper include file that defines pair?

    Did you properly scope this standard class?


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    Also, given that putting using namespace std; inside a header file is a big no-no (bad practice), you'd better qualify pair with std::
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    Thank you both!!! I did miss these details (including utility and adding `std::` at the beginning of `pair`).

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