Thread: Basic Recursion Problem

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    Basic Recursion Problem

    I have a problem using the recursion.
    what is the difference between these 2 codes?

    void test(int i)
        if(i==5) return;
        cout<<"print\n";//why this part is accessed????

    suppose we have called it by test(1);
    in the above code why the cout<<"print\n" portion is accessed when i execute the progeam.
    i understand what recursion is.
    i believe this is called tail recursion.but i cant understand its behaviour.
    can you give me an idea on this?
    please explain the its behaviour.

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    i believe this is called tail recursion.
    Tail call == the recursive call is the last thing in the function.
    Your function: the last thing is the cout statement.
    So obviously the recursive call is not tail recursive.

    By the way, tail call optimization is an optimization, and therefore MUST NOT change the program behavior. Not executing the cout would quite obviously be a change in the behavior.
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    You understand I suppose that if you see the cout or not depends on the argument of the function.

    Run this simple code, I think it reveals much of the behavior. This is caused because the recursion unwinds.
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    void test(int i)
        if(i==5) return;
       cout<<print <<i<<endl;
    int main () {
        return 0;
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