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    Brute Force... bah, never touch that stuff.

    you all want to know how REAL CODERS do it... then read and learn, you miserable !@#$!#@$

    ... now before i begin i hope you all are well versed in higher level complex numbers integration derived from binomial theorems which when inversed using probabalistic maths gave me the answer

    the complex formula for the above mathematical statement is

    "hint: its a 5 letter english word" + "my amazing knowledge of the english language" + "the 26x26 matrix used to encode/decode in the program" + "i guess you can call me lucky" = POWER

    when vasanth said that it's a 5 letter word, my evil brain thought
    of the word ENTER

    i then inputed the text : WW ECA IC COII XG ZRHOJXY as the text to decode and it gave me SJ ALW PY YBPE TT VADBQTH
    as the decoded output.

    now for simple mortals like you all it is meaningless but I "THE GREAT ENCRYPTO-MASTER" saw that the last word was "VASANTH".
    that meant of the word "ENTER" - "E" and "R" were correct.

    and therby deduced that the reamaining words must be "HI ALL MY NAME IS"

    now to get to that, i used the knowledge that the encoding was done using the technique that :
    "V" + "E" = "Z"
    "A" + "R" = "R"
    "S" + "?" = "H"
    "A" + "?" = "O"
    "N" + "?" = "J"
    "T" + "E" = "X"
    "H" + "R" = "Y"

    which i when, using my brilliant mathematical brain, reversed and put in the matrix gave me the 3 remaining letters "POW"

    thats how i got your key. it was so simple that i was ashamed at myself for stooping so low to get pleasure from such childish tasks

    now, now.. dont worry... i know this must have gone over your top because of all the complexity, planning and technicality but if you all keep on trying and stay focused on your goals, you might one day reach the level i have reached.

    till then goodnight, my dear mortals


    PS. thats good stuff you did, Rob.
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    vasanth, if you really want a strong encryption algorithm you should release the source to it. Hiding the algorithm as a means of security is not generaly considered a good idea. And most of the time, others will have the source, or at least the binary to reverse engineer. So, if you want to test if your algorithm is really strong, it needs to be tested with the source known.

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    I agree with you *ClownPimp*. I had actually given the source in another thread.....

    And for you ohsir... Job well done.. But it looks like you are too excited.. Well well i have a stronger encryption algorithm comming up.. Which combines this algorithm with XOR and it also blocks the ciphertext into blocks. For example if the plain text is say "my name is vasanth" the encrypted text(cipher text) may be like this "fsfdFS FS$$@r wr3r r3 r2424" With space in many places. And here the capital and small alphabets will be considered as different.. So more complexcity added..... I think i will finish it in another 5 days.. Will be posting it.. Lets see who can break it then...

    And once again thank you Ishir and robr for cracking it and showing it how it was done....


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    If code cracking is a challenge you really enjoy, you might be interested in a thread called Secret Message Challenge at this site:

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    Hey that site is really tops with all hitech stuffs going on there... But the people there dont seem to be as friendly as the ones here... Thanx fot the link buddy..

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    Sorry I couldn't contribute last night... we had a server down, and lost all connections till now.

    Ihsir's method was pretty much like mine, except I worked from the first word (single letter, had to be A or I).

    All fell into place from there.
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    Ko Great going...

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