Thread: Need help sorting many values from highest to lowest

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    Need help sorting many values from highest to lowest

    I am trying to make a program that sorts 26 different values in order.
    D: 7
    E: 5
    A: 4
    C: 2
    B: 1

    Here is my program code for getting the values(This code works):

    int main
        char num=0;
        int end=0;
        int a=0;
        int b=0;
        int c=0;
        int d=0;
        int e=0;
        int f=0;
        int g=0;
        int h=0;
        int i=0;
        int j=0;
        int k=0;
        int l=0;
        int m=0;
        int n=0;
        int o=0;
        int p=0;
        int q=0;
        int r=0;
        int s=0;
        int t=0;
        int u=0;
        int v=0;
        int w=0;
        int x=0;
        int y=0;
        int z=0;
        printf("Press a keyboard button: ");
        for (end == end; end == 0;){
            num = getch();
            switch (num)
            case '0': end=1; break;
            case 'a': a++; break;
            case 'b': b++; break;
            case 'c': c++; break;
            case 'd': d++; break;
            case 'e': e++; break;
            case 'f': f++; break;
            case 'g': g++; break;
            case 'h': h++; break;
            case 'i': i++; break;
            case 'j': j++; break;
            case 'k': k++; break;
            case 'l': l++; break;
            case 'm': m++; break;
            case 'n': n++; break;
            case 'o': o++; break;
            case 'p': p++; break;
            case 'q': q++; break;
            case 'r': r++; break;
            case 's': s++; break;
            case 't': t++; break;
            case 'u': u++; break;
            case 'v': v++; break;
            case 'w': w++; break;
            case 'x': x++; break;
            case 'y': y++; break;
            case 'z': z++; break;
        printf("\nA: %d\nB: %d\nC: %d\nD: %d\nE: %d\nF: %d\nG: %d\nH: %d\nI: %d\nJ: %d\nK: %d\nL: %d\nM: %d\nN: %d\nO: %d\nP: %d\nQ: %d\nR: %d\nS: %d\nT: %d\nU: %d\nV: %d\nW: %d\nX: %d\nY: %d\nZ: %d\n", a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z);
        return 0;
    I get my values, but I can't sort them in order. Please help!


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    Don't use 26 different variables. Use an array or better yet, a vector. There should be info about arrays & vectors in the FAQ section if you haven't used them yet.
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    Oh my gosh; A thousand times "No!"

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