Thread: readable/savable output & making large searchable databases :)

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    Question readable/savable output & making large searchable databases :)

    hello all, once again
    im looking to make programs with large anounts of information, i was wondering how i could make the program execute so that maybe the info would copy into a text file so not only could i save it, but i could see all of the info(the dos display doesnt go up that far) also if you want to help with something extra, how could i go about putting commas between each different number to turn it into an array, im looking to make a giant file of searchable numbers, ill tell you now im a newb at this so...
    anywho thanks for your help
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    I'm not sure I want to route the output into a file? If that's it, then a 15 second search of yahoo gives you 3 or 4 tutorials right off the bat. Not to mention that there are two superb tutorials on this site. Not to mention that a search of these boards yields a couple. If that's not it or you don not understand, then please clarify your need.
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