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    Dynamic variable type definition


    Question: Is there a way do dynamically define a variable?


    given a number i decide will my next number be defined as 16, 32 or 64 bit integer.

    in c i can do that with helper functions and macros. I probably can do the same thing here in c++, but is there maybe an alternative c++ way?

    int a = 300;
    if a> 255
      // b should be defined as 32 bit integer
    if a > 2^32
      // b should be defined as 64 bit integer
    // initialize b 
    // then pass this b into some function template that can handle 32 and 64 bit integers
    thank you


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    The standard way is a union
    union integerX
        int16 i16;
        int32 i32;
        int64 i64;
    You can look here

    You allocate memory as the biggest member, so 64 bits. If you want to save memory there are other workarounds but I guess your intent is just to have the correct type.

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    yes, provided that a is a constant.

    //untested, may have typos
    #include <type_traits>
    typedef std::conditional<  DETERMINING_QUANTITY < 4294967296ll, int, long long>::type ConditionalType;
    ConditionalType conditionally_typed_variable;
    void foo(int x);
    void foo(long long x);
    int main(){
      //this calls the right version of foo
    EDIT: If a is not a constant, then something like this may work:

    void foo(int x);
    void foo(long long x);
    int main(){
      int determining_quantity = 300;
      long long determining_variable;
      if(determining_quantity <4294967296ll )
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    It would be great if you would show us how you do it in C as it would leave no doubt as to what you actually want to do.
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