Thread: Why can't I do the second method?

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    Why can't I do the second method?

    Working method:

    sf::Vector2i *position = &sf::Mouse::getPosition();
    Now, that works just fine. But, why can't I just do:

    gui.didClickButton(sf::Vector2i &sf::Mouse::getPosition());

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    This is the same error for the same reasons as before.

    You seem to have an issue reading the difference between a pointer expression (&sf::Mouse::getPosition()) and a reference declaration. What I think you need to be told is that a pointer expression is not preceded by a type name, unless it is being cast the C way. Usually pointer expressions can be function arguments or values on the left hand side of an assignment statement. The difference between that and a reference declaration is that a reference declaration is a statement on its own.

    sf::Vector2i& reference;
    Normally you wouldn't try to use this exact statement as a pointer argument.

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    Aha, never mind. I understand now. Can't believe I didn't figure that one out. >.<


    Thanks. ^.^

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