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    Read from a file

    Hello everyone:
    I am trying to write a while loop to control reading from a file to an array. The array can only hold ten integers. The file may contain any number of integers with one per line. I need a loop test condition that will read from the file until either the end of the file is reached or the array is full. Here is what I have so far:

    cin >> temp;
    arrayIndex = 0;
    while ( array index < arraySize ||                           )
    array[arrayIndex] = temp;
    cin >> temp;
    Can someone help me please?

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    You can just use the stream cin itself like a boolean expression to determine whether it has reached the end or encountered an error. And any input operation returns the stream, so (cin >> temp) refers to the stream.

    So the canonical form of reading integers until the end of stream or error would be
    while (cin >> temp) {
      // do something with temp here
    That should put you on the right track.
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