Thread: C++: Writing game program...Rogue-Like?

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    Question C++: Writing game program...Rogue-Like? Import x,y Cords

    I'm writing a rogue like game for my cs class. Everything is running fine but I need to import the walls for the game. The coordinates for the walls are in 3 text files. How do I inport it to the correct position on screen.
    This is the code i'm using but it isn't printing right on the screen.
    Can you look over? Thank you!

    bool loadData( int coordinates[MAX_ARRAY][MAX_ARRAY], int fileIndex, int &arraySize )
    char fileOne[] = "lowlevel.txt";
    char fileTwo[] = "midlevel.txt";
    char fileThree[] = "highlevel.txt";
    ifstream fin;
    if ( fileIndex == 1 )
 fileOne );
    else if( fileIndex == 2 )
 fileTwo );
    else if( fileIndex == 3)
 fileThree );
         return false;
    while ( fin.good() && arraySize < 100 )
           fin >> coordinates[arraySize][arraySize];
           fin >> coordinates[arraySize][arraySize];
    return true;

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    The way you are navigating through your array looks linear. Like you are saving data in a straight line such as on a graph would be y = x.

    It looks like you are only saving into positions that would satisfy the equaion Y = X. So points (0, 0), (1, 1), (2, 2) ect. If it is a array that is 100, by 100 then you have 1000 possible positions but you are writing to only 100 of them.
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