Thread: What is the psecudocode for this ?? and how do I approach this probem?? Plzz help me

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    What is the psecudocode for this ?? and how do I approach this probem?? Plzz help me

    a. Implement an abstract class Machine with a run method.
    b. Then derive two concrete subclasses from Machine: WashingMachine, and Refrigerator.
    c. Finally implement a class House that consists of an array of pointers to 2 machines and
    astart_running method that starts running all machines of the house.
    d. Write a main program that creates a House and runs its both 2 different machines.
    Note: run method takes nothing, returns nothing, only prints which machine is running.

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    You can approach this problem by remembering what your teacher told you and transfering this knowledge to the problem at hand.

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    I could'nt attend that class!! Can't u help me out??

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    thats tough luck mate - go beg your tutor for an extension, get the notes from fellow students - you know - talk to your peers - if you have no idea how to sketch an idea out in pseudocode then you must have missed all your other classes too?
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