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    Beginner,book recommendation

    So hi all.
    I've read the thread about the books,but many users had many different suggestions.
    I am beginner,I haven't experience with programming. I study C++ programing in school and its very hard for me.
    Can you please tell me a good book for BEGINNER without experience with any programming language .
    Thanks in advance.
    PS:Could somebody tell me what he thinks about Stroustrup's book Programming principle and practice using C++?
    PS 2:If I have mistakes - sorry about my English. : )

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    If you're studying C++ programming in school, read the textbook they give you. I don't believe in studying multiple books at once.

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    The problem is that our teacher just gave us couple of sites...and I want go deep through this thing.So yes - I want to read from one book.That is all!

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    Have you read these yet to get an idea?
    Programming Book and Product Reviews
    C++ Book Recommendations
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    You could check the book recommendations thread: C++ Book Recommendations

    The trick, I suppose, would be finding beginner-book recommendations by people who know what they're talking about but also still remember "beginner" books.

    Personally I think what book is best depends on you. For example Deitel & Deitel How To Program books are super-thick and cover all the details... the Teach Yourself books kind of give you a guided tour which doesn't necessary touch everything but is much easier to understand... books like Big C++ and C++ Primer Plus are a good mix, quite serious and thorough but well paced... the weird textbooks (I won't name names) which have lots of pictures and coloured diagrams on every page would appeal to visual learners, I guess. Personal recommendations? C++ Primer Plus, but I think most books would be good; go find one and read its reviews.

    If you're on CBoard long enough you get feelings of deja vu sometimes... this time the feeling was justified! What are some good books for programming and video game programming

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