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    GUI and MFC

    hi just a quick question,
    i am currently developing a program and have hit a road block.
    i would like for the program to have the simplest of graphical user interfaces , all it needs to do is print some lines off.
    However my program will be tested on a unix compiler (g++), so i am not sure how to go about it . I have heard of items such as MFC but i am not sure if i should ( as it will be compiled on g++) or how to use them.
    im not asking for source code but some pointers on what approach i should take would be much appreciated.
    thanks in advance

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    i don't think you can use MFC (MICROSOFT foundation classes) on unix as it is designed to be used with the WIN32 API, you need to find out the equivalent on unix.
    but if it only needs to print off a few lines you don't need a GUI just use the console.

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