Thread: write() and read() of int type to sockets returning wrong values.

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    write() and read() of int type to sockets returning wrong values.

    I have tried writing to a socket using write() command. The data I need to write is of structure type and it contains both char and int datatype values. But when I write the data to the server socket, the value of the int variable is getting corrupted. I am receiving a value as 16777216 always.
    I am writing from a Solaris machine to a Linux machine. Solaris is a 32 bit machine and Linux is a 64 bit machine. Do this have any impact on my problem.
    I used htonl/ntohl and vice versa for passing the integer values from and to the server. But how can I use this if I am writing the whole structure type into the socket?? Can anyone help me to sort this out??

    PCHAR data = NULL;
    int size = sizeof(WSMsg);
    int retry = 10;
    data = new char [sizeof(WSMsg)];
    memcpy(data, msg, sizeof(WSMsg));
    int n = write(fd, &data[0], size);

    This is my code part. Here WSMsg is of structure type and has int and char type values.

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