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    wxwigets and wxsmith

    Can some one please tell me the step by step process of how to configure wxwigets on codeblocks using mingw. I have googled a lot (even wasted my whole day chasing this) but found no guide for a new user... Please help me...

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    Codeblock's default project settings for some reason don't include the correct Linker settings to link against fltk or wxwidgets... You'll have to add those to your linker settings for both the Debug and Release targets of your project in order to properly link an executable....

    For example... for FLTK, you'll have to add the library fltk so that programs link against it when compiled. You have to do this for both the Debug and Release target of a given project.

    It should be very similar for wxWidgets... Just go through your project settings and look for Linker settings and flags... You should see a place to add libraries to the project settings... Remember that you have to do this for both the Debug and Release targets of a given project.

    Hope this helps,

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    Code block's' project wizard is a pain for all but the basic types- You are really better off learning to link the libraries etc yourself. Quite ironic considering that cb is written with wxwidgets. By the way I think it is a massively bloated method that i abandoned ages ago in favour of FLTK
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