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    Question Conditional Compilation...

    hey everyone,
    i was in the cpreprocessor tutorial in the beginner C++ tutorial section.
    i understood every thing in the lesson (#include, constants and macros).
    but i couldn't understand a thing about the conditional compilation...
    i understood what the #if #endif #elif #else #ifndef and #ifdef mean..
    but i didn't understand how to put them to use...

    all i wanna know is what is the use of such statements and how to use them..

    PS. Explain in simple terms please, since i do not know much about c++ but i'm well-versed with all the stuff taught in the lessons in the beginner series before the c preprocessor tut.

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    An example
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main ( ) {
        int i, sum = 0;
        for ( i = 1 ; i <= 10 ; i++ ) {
            sum += i;
    #ifdef DEBUG
            cout << "Debug: i=" << i << " sum=" << sum << endl;
        cout << "Sum=" << sum << endl;
        return 0;
    To run the code normally, you would do
    gcc -o prog prog.cpp
    and just see the final sum.

    But if it wasn't working properly, you could enable all the debugging
    gcc -DDEBUG -o prog prog.cpp

    Now you would see all the iterations of the loop as well.
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