Thread: Decoding and Encoding from file?

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    Question Decoding and Encoding from file?

    I have to decode and encode data from a file
    I just finished the decoding part. There is a file containing 5-6 digits integers that be separated by even or odd and then the even integers decoded to ascii char.

    Now I have to do the opposite. I have a new file with ascii char that i need convert to 5-6 digits even and odd integers.

    How do I begin ?I've already read in the char from the file.

    Here's a link, this is the ascii char read from the file to the screen.

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    if the least significant bit of the least significant byte is set, then it's an odd number. if it isn't set, then it's an even number e.g. isodd = ((value & 1)?ODD:EVEN); where ODD and EVEN are defined like TRUE and FALSE.. or you could simply say isodd = value % 2; to see if it's odd

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    You've started a new thread for the same thing and again what you are writing doesn't make much sense.

    I suggest you start here: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
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