Thread: C-style strings and arrays?

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    Question C-style strings and arrays?

    I trying to read data from a file to a c-string, then go through the string and convert the ascii chars to 5 to 6 digits numbers, but im having trouble.
    The file looks looks like this: computer technology are part of just about everything...and so on
    I've already read it to the c-string but how do I the ascii to 5-6 digits numbers?
    Here's the code: What am I doing wrong?

    void CheckArray(char inputfilename[], char charStringValue[])
    // initialize variables
      ifstream input;
      char x;
      int index;
      int size;
      int y = 0;
      input >> charStringValue[x];
      while (input.good()) {
        cout << DecodeChar(charStringValue[x]) << " ";
        input >> charStringValue[x];
      int DecodeChar(char c) {
        return (int (c - 32));
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    What do you mean '5-6 digit numbers'

    > return (int (c - 32));
    Any ASCII character going through this transformation is going to be between 0 and 95.
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