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    Question unresolved external symbol freaking me out!

    I have a problem which i cant seem to figure out. Now where to begin. I have a linked list template class i wrote which i know that it works perfectly with what ever kind of data i want to use, std data type, class, whatever. Now im writing a program that will need this linked list class. Ok, i have a class called CParser which has my list declared in it under the private section of the CParser class which looks like this: CList< CProperty > *m_pProperty;

    Now CProperty is a simple class which just has two char[] variables and two member functions. In my CParser class i allocate m_pProperty correctly ( m_pProperty = new CList<CProperty>; ) in the constructor and kill it off in the destructor. Now i have also made sure that all my headers have that #ifndef blahblah #define blahblah thing so they wont be included more than once. Ok, in my CParser class i have a private member function which parses a particular part of a txt file. Inside of this function i read in the data like needed, then store that into a temp CProperty class, after that is done i add it to my list like so: m_pProperty->InsertBack( tempProperty );

    Well for some reason when i call that function or any other function a part of my linked list template class in which i have to pass something into i get an unresolved external symbol. This makes no sence b/c i have every thing added into my project like im supposed to. I can call other member functions in my list like for example : m_pProperty->IsEmpty() or m_pProperty->DeleteList(); and that works just fine. Could any one give me some pointers on what may cause this? I made a test app for this linked list class and it works fine. I made a simple class and used that as my data type in my list: CList< CTestClass > *testlist = new CList< CTestClass >; like that and it has no problems. So i know my linked list class doesnt have a problem with using classes as the type.

    Very wierd.

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    Do you have any static mambers in your classes? in that case you have to declare the static member outside your class also...

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