Thread: "lower level language"...??

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    "lower level language"...??

    i hear that C++ is called a "lower level language"

    "C" "Fortran" "Pascal" are called a "high level language"

    even thought C++ is a better version of C it is called "lower" why is that it perhaps that C++ is closer to machine code ???? i know that UNIX was written in C.... hmmmm

    what you think????

    is "assembly" language "lower" or "higher" level language?????


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    Actually as fare as I remeber C and C++ are also called high level languish.Usally you call something high level when it has a syntax that reminds you about english. The only low level languish I can think of is ASM

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    how about, ML?

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    Basically goes like this:

    Low to high
    machine code (binary)
    compiled languages
    interpreted languages
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