Thread: Variable argument lists without using cstdarg...

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    Variable argument lists without using cstdarg...

    Hi all,
    I am currently in the 17th tutorial in the C++ series (Variable argument list in C++)

    and i can successfully make programs with functions with unknown length of argument list....

    in that Alex Allain says that another way of doing it rather than using
    cstdarg is to make a function that accepts a pointer to an array...

    i've made a program and wanna know if that is what he meant...

    using namespace std;
    void avg(int size,int *a){
        int sum = 0,avg = 0,x;
        for(x = 0; x < size; x++){
            sum += *(a + x);
        avg = sum / size;
        cout << "The average of the numbers is " << avg << "...";
    int main(){
        cout << "How many numbers's average would you like to find? ";
        int size;
        cin >> size;
        int array[size];
        for(int a = 0; a < size; a++){
            cout << "Enter number " << a + 1 << " here: ";
            cin >> array[a];
        int *a = array;
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    BTW, you need to allocate the array dynamically.
    int* array=new int[size];
    (Also, explore containers like std::vector, std::list and std::map after you are comfortable using arrays and pointers like this. They provide comfortable interfaces for this kind of stuff)

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