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    Question if statement.

    is that right to use if statement to check....,ios::in);
    if(Ch=='//') //Q?? check the source begin with '//'

    //some command;

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    i think its ok to use if statements, i dont know how else you are going to check..


    in char datatypes ( == ) work for just one char not 2

    You'll have to use probably


    and then use strcmp to check


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    the first \ is the is the escape operator as which allows you to use \n to mean newline or \t to mean tab or \b to mean backspace or \* to mean start of comment section, etc. Therefore to test to see if there is a single \ in a string or if it is stored in a char variable you need to say something like:

    char ch == //whatever;
    if(ch == '\\')

    However, I don't think the same holds for /. Otherwise you couldn't use the / as indicative of division operator. Therefore // should be a string of two / and can't be evaluated using the == operator but will need to checks for chars or strcmp().

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