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    linked list

    I am trying to add a node. Does this seem right??
    LNode*  AddItem(LNode  *headPtr, int  newItem)
        auto struct LNode **nodePtr;
        for (nodePtr = &LNode; *nodePtr != NULL; nodePtr = &(*nodePtr) -> next)
            auto struct LNode *lPtr = *nodePtr;
            if(newItem < lPtr ->value)
        nodePtr = malloc(sizeof(LNode));
        if (NULL == nodePtr)
            printf("Error allocating memeory ");
            nodePtr -> value = newItem;
            nodePtr -> next = headPtr;
            return nodePtr;
    }  // end of "AddItem"

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    C code again i would say, like your previous post? First finish with one function, i suggest this and then try to remove a node.See what ideas i gave you in your other post and try to take it step by step!

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    This is supposed to be C++ right? Afterall, you've used the auto keyword.

    Why are you using the struct keyword in there, and why is there a printf and a malloc call?
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