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    free memory

    /* how would I go about freeing the memory assigned in the loop
    for the nodes*/

    #define MAX 30

    struct node{
    int age;
    char name[MAX];
    node *next;

    int main()
    int amount;

    cout<<"How many people to be stored";
    /* ptr is of type node its assigned the starting address of */
    node *ptr=(node*)malloc(sizeof(node)); /* a block of memory the size of node */
    /* malloc must be cast in c++ and not in c */

    for(int start=0;start<amount;start++)


    return 0;

    /* thanks for all the help */

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    Try calling free() on each node pointer and watch for the node where next == NULL as that will be the end of the list..

    That might be difficult though as every "ptr=ptr->next;" allocates to the same next pointer and so you will be allocating structures to which you have no pointer you are using C++ try use the new and delete operators instead of the malloc and free functions
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