Thread: Im trying to make SameGame.

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    Im trying to make SameGame.

    Hey out there, im trying to make SameGame.
    im pretty new to programming, but i couldnt find anything out there there could answer my question
    So i have writed the header file and the and the cpp file.
    But now he wants me to, "Now that we have our game board encapsulated into an object we can create an instance of that object in the document class. Remember that the document class contains all of our game data and it is separated from the view or display code. We will then set up the document as follows. Here is the header file, SameGameDoc.h (changes bolded)." thats my problem i dont understand what he wants me to do, i mean, what i was thinking is that he wants me to write what the 3. picture says (you can see it here "The Same Game" - Creating a Document/View Architecture in MFC - ) inside the header or the cpp file? but since im pretty new i dont understand that much of yet hope someone could help me.


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    Well the key point of the text is pointing out this line of code.

      /*  Instance of the game board */
      CSameGameBoard m_board;
    Here's a simpler introduction to the concept of multiple source files.
    FAQ > Multiple source files for one program (C++ example) -
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